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Neck lift

A face lift creates a very significant improvement in looseness of tissues in the neck but there are limitations to what can be achieved, particularly where there are prominent bands of muscle in the front of the neck, known as platysmal bands. To achieve the best correction of these bands it may be necessary to approach the neck through a separate incision just underneath the chin. This allows a more accurate removal of fat from between the skin and muscle and from deep to muscle where it cannot be removed with liposuction. Prominent muscle bands can then be clearly identified, released, or repositioned to improve the contour of the neck.

Procedures on the neck are usually done in combination with at least a lower face lift, but can be done as stand alone procedures.

In men re-contouring the neck through incisions underneath the chin is particularly useful as this avoids the displacement of the hair bearing skin to behind the ear, which is a drawback of the traditional neck lift. If there is a lot of looseness of skin in a man’s neck, this looseness can be removed incorporating a Z into the final closure which is well disguised by hair bearing skin of the beard area.