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Facial plastic surgery

Across all walks of life, we are seeing continual change and development as more things are invented, improved and tested over time. The cosmetic world is no different. In fact, the multi-million pound beauty industry has countless scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs out there, all hoping that they’ll be the one to stumble across the next big thing.

A recent report evaluated some of the latest advances in facial technology and reviewed three new innovations. Whilst these may never achieve the kind of results a facelift, a brow lift or other surgical procedures can, it’s interesting to see what is being developed to try and help people tackle the signs of ageing, before they are ready to consider the surgical route.

Here’s three innovations that were recently reviewed:

The Eye Derma

A modern-day approach to removing blemishes and wrinkles that works by stimulating collagen (the component in the skin that gives it its elasticity) production in skin cells. This also helps reduce puffiness under the eyes by reducing the amount of water that is stored within the skin.


This is a futuristic looking machine that uses nano currents to tackle wrinkles. First a gel is applied to the face and neck and then a handheld device is passed over the skin, emitting light electrical stimulation. The promise is that this will boost production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – a molecule found in cells which is linked with metabolism. The light electrical stimulation will supposedly encourage skin cells to rejuvenate.

The Mindful Touch

This is a more holistic approach which uses positive mental attitude to help the skin produce chemicals required to regenerate as effectively as possible. People who undergo this therapy are encouraged to completely relax via a virtual reality experience that calms and soothes the body and mind. In this rested, peaceful state the body should produce more of a hormone called oxytocin (nicknamed the ‘love hormone’) which should mean that the body and skin are in the best possible state to receive treatments.

While these may all sound new, interesting and exciting, there will always be a limit to what can be achieved naturally to reverse signs of ageing around the face and neck. Once you’ve tried and tested the non-surgical alternatives, it’s worth talking to a cosmetic surgeon such as Mr John Dickinson if you’re still not happy with the appearance of these areas. There are many things that can be done, ranging from small scale tweaks to more complicated combinations of treatments. Contact us now for an appointment on 01753 665434 . We have cosmetic surgery clinics throughout Berkshire .