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Cosmetic surgery gone too far?

All cosmetic surgery is designed to make patients feel better about themselves by changing something about the way they look. For some, the change is subtle and understated; for others, it is more acute.

For three Chinese women travelling recently between China and South Korea, the effects of their plastic surgery had altered their appearance so dramatically, they bared little resemblance to their passport photos, as were detained for questioning at customs as a result.

The procedures chosen by the three women had only just been completed, they had not yet had the necessary amount of time to heal. As a result, they arrived at passport control with swollen faces and bandages around their heads.

South Korea has been rising in popularity as a cosmetic surgery destination for Chinese citizens, although many people allow more time to heal before heading home again.

As amusing as this story may be, there are more serious implications about people’s approach to cosmetic procedures.
Part of the cosmetic surgery journey is understanding how much pressure you’re putting your body under and allowing yourself sufficient healing time.

Regulated cosmetic surgeons in the UK such as Mr John Dickinson talk at length with patients to ensure that they understand how long the healing time is likely to be following an operation, and what steps they can take to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our bodies are adept to healing and adapting, but everyone heals at their own speed and it is important that rest, recuperation and a healthy diet forms the basis of the days and weeks following any cosmetic procedure.

If you’re recovering from an operation and you have any concerns at all at how quickly you’re healing, or how the wound feels or looks then get in touch with your cosmetic surgery team who will be able to check to see that everything is healing correctly. If you suspect that you have picked up an infection, the quicker that this is treated, the better. If the incision site is warm, red, tender or you’re generally feeling under the weather, get in touch quickly and the problem can be resolved before it becomes too advanced.

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