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Breast augmentation (boob job) by country!


Very interesting to see how breast augmentations round the world are still very popular. Several countries in Europe feature in the list in this article. In my practice we still see a large number of ladies wanting breast augmentation or a boob job as they are colloquially called!

My practice through many years of experience has seen ladies from generally two categories come to me for breast enlargement. First, ladies who have lost volume after either weightloss or through breast feeding their children. These ladies simply miss the volume nature gave them and want to look as they were previously. Most have no desire to go too big and in my practice the natural look is king.

The second group are ladies who simply were born with small breasts. Again, the desire we see is not for volumes I would consider to be too large and I am happy to give women natural and pleasing results for them.

If you are considering breast augmentation, come to one of my clinics. I see patients throughout Berkshire in Reading, Slough and Windsor areas. Please call me on 01753 665434 to book an appointment.