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Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is used to remove excess skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue from the lower abdomen. This commonly occurs after pregnancy or following weight loss. Depending upon your abdominal shape and how much loose skin you have a mini or full abdominoplasty may be the most appropriate procedure for you.

A full abdominoplasty removes all tissue below the tummy button but does leave a long scar running from hip to hip across the upper part of the pubic hair. There is also a scar around the umbilicus. During the procedure the contour of the abdomen is improved by suturing the covering layers of the muscles together to improve abdominal tone and contour.

A mini abdominoplasty involves a shorter scar which is well disguised under  clothing and does not leave a scar around the umbilicus. The tummy button is however pulled down modestly. The abdominal wall below the umbilicus can also be tightened to improve its contour should this be necessary.

An abdominoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia. A full abdominoplasty usually requires a two night stay in the hospital with a mini abdominoplasty requiring a one night stay. Drains are left in the wounds following surgery and a firm support band is also applied. Post operatively your hips and knees are kept flexed to reduce tension in the abdomen. We will encourage you to mobilise as soon as possible after surgery.

We will ask you to wear the support band for one month following the operation. Providing you are wearing this band we will encourage you to resume normal levels of exercise as soon as possible. The only restriction is to avoid specific stomach exercises for six weeks following surgery.